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Is that even possible? Of course!


Fingerstyle play
Taking advantage of re-entrant tuning – the campanela connection
Strums to get girls with
Ninja rhythms

… and MANY MORE tutorials and demonstrations of what it’s like to play ukulele like a badass!

TABS and Video posts begin here…


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41 responses to “Welcome to Ukulele Secrets

  • Mary Sue

    What about the strums to get guys with?

  • tony boland

    Great idea Tim.

  • coffey

    I’m so excited I want to punch something!

  • Looney Tunes

    Super site, your John King tune was inspirational. He was the best. I will follow and try to learn some techniques from you; I am here on this earth to prove that not everyone can play the Ukulele. Best. Loon

  • Slim Symes

    Four Fingers UP

  • ukulele pa

    love your pickin riff of ring of fire,
    10 out of 10

  • Jerold

    Wonderful page, I am browsing back regularly to discover improvements.

  • Billy J Jones

    You are always amazing with the lesson.
    Thanks for keeping it simple for us
    oxymorons! Uke On!

  • Sulema

    Thx for spending some time to explain the terminlogy to the novices!

  • ukulelesecrets

    @everyone.. Thank you for visiting and participating in this site. I hope we are raising the awareness and validity of the ukulele as a serious and badass instrument.

  • Heidi Litke

    Hey Tim,
    All the best to you. Great work you are doing

  • Mr broadbead

    Have you done tutorial for William tell
    Overture yet,Thanks

  • Lynne Marie Hoyt

    I want to make sure that you comprehend how much your teaching through this website means to me and, I am sure, many others. The effort and time it takes to do all this isn’t fully realized by those of us who have never undertaken such an endevor – let alone all the years of effort in gaining the experience to get you to this point. Being able to take advantage of your teaching thru your site is truly a gift that I could never afford thru traditional avenues, and being able to take as much time as I need to progress at my own pace while being able to view your videos repeatedly has really helped my understanding, playing ability and self confidence. I LOVE playing, but my hands can’t keep up with my enthusiasm because of progressive muscle deterioration in my hands and arms. Your tutorials assist me to practice for very short periods of time as often as I can. I love the pieces you choose to share. Thank you. And thank you for all the excellent sites you reference for more info – I’ve read them all – wonderful history and fascinating reading. Thank you. PLEASE continue with the harp uke; you play enchantingly! I used to play celtic harp and when I heard your first harp uke video…well, it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! Thank you. Those two small words just don’t seem to really cover it all, but they’ll have to do. I KNOW you haven’t heard it often enough in reard to your website, so I’m being purposefully repetative. Please continue doing what you do; it’s amazing, excellent, beautiful and highly appreciated. And because of you, learning to play the ukulele “like a badass” has brought joy to my life and, I’m sure, countless others – Mahalo nui loa!
    Lynne Marie Hoyt

    • ukulelesecrets


      Thank you for the thoughtful and heartfelt message. It is feedback like this that makes it worth doing. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me. Thank you so much.

      I love to help people learn and even more so I love it when someone actually benefits from what I share.

      I am sorry about your muscle issue but I hope you are able to get joy from the ukulele as long as you can. Hopefully playing can help?

      Take care,

  • pickledbeans94

    I found this website while searching for a tutorial on YouTube and it looks great! Thanks 4 starting this.

  • anonymous coward

    Thank you thank you. Your tutorials are the most fun and educational. Inspires practice and experimentation rather than just learning by rote.
    Thanks thanks thanks

  • Don Stang

    Really like the site and use some of the tabs for practice. Hope all is going well for you and you are busy. Will there be any new tutorials?

    Thanks for all the cool stuff!

  • how to ukulele

    Thanks so much for sharing your ukulele knowledge to us. They are really helpful. 🙂

  • Nakasupy

    Re: St. Anne’s Reel video: That’s one of your best recordings. LOL The reason is that I just started trying to play a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve watched many of your talented videos, but it was just so encouraging to see you struggle at moments, even though it was at such lofty levels that I should ever hope to achieve. Thank you hugely for your efforts to help starting out players, and I sincerely hope you will keep making the videos for techniques, or building blocks, that many would take for granted. I assure you, you can’t make it too simple. More on the “hammer” as seen in folksy finger picking, please.

  • pat moher


  • Mikkel Nøhr

    Hallo Mikkel here from Denmark, just felt in love with your Harp Ukulele /tenor size, And want one 🙂 do you know where I can buy order one? Best regeards Mikkel Nøhr

  • Eduardo

    Your fingerstyle picking video is off the hook! Cool stuff man keep them coming!

  • Ian M.

    So, I have a ukulele with a low G string. Is it possible to play Campanella with the uke tuned this way? Any suggestions?

  • Robert Nygaard

    Thank you for wonderful lessons.Your thorough style of teaching helps my a lot.I’ve just found your blog a few weeks ago and I’ve all ready learned so much.Now that I appreciate your effort to bring the ukulele skills to many people.Kudos from Denmark.
    Best regards Robert Nygaard

  • Easy Ukulele Songs

    Hey Tim, great concept of teaching others how to uke in a short amount of time. It’s people like you who keep the community thriving so keep up the good work and many thanks for your ukulele secrets.

    Happy New Year! Cheers to 2015!

  • jarad

    I’m interested in purchasing a CD of your ukulele version of ring of fire can you please email me

  • Korie Beth Brown, Ph.D.

    Thank you for all this good stuff! Do you have any uke tabs for”Walk Don’t Run” by the Ventures?

  • Jenny Ukulele/Uke Krajewski

    Is there a chance I could get the Tico Tico duo sheet music. I have transcribed 2 mandolins to Guitar Pro 7.5, but love your arrangement.

  • Cristina

    Olá. Não sei inglês, por favor use o Google tradutor para português.
    Gostaria de saber se tem mais exercícios em vídeo de clawhammer para praticar? Obrigada.

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