Ukulele Secrets is brought to you by Tim Keough or ukuleletim on youtube.

The idea is to learn how to play well in a short period of time. Like a badass.

I share secrets that make you sound good.

You still have to practice… but it will take years off your learning curve.


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9 responses to “About

  • Kris Hicks-Green

    Tim, I have two questions:
    – My daughter is dying to get a uke for her 16th birthday. She has been a pretty good cello and trumpet player in the past. Would you be willing to provide lessons, and could you recommend an instrument?

    I understand that you’re somewhere in Austin. We live immediately south of the river.


  • Judy O

    what a great way to get there…i own a nice one and really like the sound it makes. Hubby plays guitar & I current have 2 uke teachers, both classically trained guitarist…but love what I see here. thank you!

  • Jay

    Tim- I love what you are doing! I just started playing ukulele 6 months ago and am uninspired by strumming chords and Hawaiian music, but I love the ukulele. I am most drawn to finger style, flamenco and classical sounding music. The intricacies of Richard Thompson’s playing is heaven to my ears and hell on my hands. I am not much of a musician- yet- but am so happy to have found your site as it caters more to my tastes than other uke sites that I frequent. Thanks for your vision and hard work.

  • Hawaiian Shirt Racer

    I adore Richard Thompson. Wall of Death works well on the ukulele.
    Best Wishes

  • Ben

    Just found this site and it feels like it has immediatly taken me off a plateau I have been stuck on…truly badass!



  • Fenn Magill

    Hi, Tim.

    Christmas last I was given a uke, I think as a bit of a joke. I’ve never been a string player, but after a few months of dinkin’ and plinkin’ with it I have fallen in love for this funky little box. I’m 60+ years old and I’ve finally found my ax!

    I took to searching for beginner stuff off the web and found you. I needn’t look any further for tips and tricks. Your teaching style is welcoming and smooth and gentle, and your music so sweet to my ear . . . as long as you’re out there I’ll be a dedicated follower.

    (I have a new life goal: to render Alacran y Pistolero such that it’ll bring a woman to tears.)

    I appreciate what you do. You’re making a difference. Nice going!


  • stu

    thanks! great blog

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