BASIC basic claw hammer ukulele

Did I say BASIC? I mean it.

There are many wonderful tutorials on claw hammer ukulele technique on the youtube. I know because I learned from them.. there is the incomparable Aaron Kiem and also YoppyKyabetsu’s 5 minute claw hammer ukulele, and more. Look them up.

If you have already tried these and are still having trouble, then this is for you.

Here I break down the mechanics of claw hammer technique and emphasize repetition. emphasize repetition. emphasize repetition. emphasize repetition. emphasize repetition. emphasize repetition.

Warning: It is a slow and long winded video (with crappy, amateur editing, thank you) intended for microscopic inquiry. If you are interested in playing claw hammer technique but haven’t quite got the hang of it this just might help.

10 responses to “BASIC basic claw hammer ukulele

  • Ray Gurney

    Cant get the links to work

  • ukulelesecrets

    @Ray – I didn’t post any links but if you are looking for the tutorials I mentioned, Aaron’s youtube channel is “ackeim” and Yoppy’s is “YoppyKyabetsu”. Hope that helps.

  • Tim

    Thanks once again for taking the time to illuminate a topic for the rest of us lazy bastards 😉

  • RobNY

    Thanks so much!

  • Tom Parse

    I just wanted to thank you for the play like a bad ass video series… I’m just turning 60 … I build Ukuleles in Fairbanks Alaska and I am also a Lear Jet/Heleicopter mechanic and work in Barrow Alaska 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for Search and Rescue there. There isn’t much to do up there sometimes….so on my time off I use your videos to learn new things…. I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing and if you can…come to Alaska and I’ll take you fishing …..
    Tom Parse
    Far North Ukuleles Alaska

    • ukulelesecrets

      @Tim &RobNY.. you’re welcome!

      @Tom Thank you for the message. It means a lot to get this kind of feedback..

      Thank you for the invitation, too. I’m not a fisherman but I love the outdoors and Alaska would no doubt amaze me. I hope you don’t have to rescue too many people but thank you for your work.

      I want to know more about your ukuleles!

  • Tim

    Ok After going to UWC last weekend and sitting next to some awesome Clawhammer Uke, I gotta learn me some of that. TWC

  • Alan Sturgess

    Long but greatly useful video – the length actually emphasis the need to practise those basics again and again and again until you feel happy. Thanks for taking the time and effort to upload.

  • Sources for learning clawhammer ukulele | Charles Johnson

    […] Ukulele Tim’s blog promises to teach you “How to play ukulele like a bad ass”. And, really who doesn’t want to do that? Tim teaches many different styles of ukulele playing, including clawhammer. […]

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