King’s Rain.. a Harp Ukulele tribute

I have been further exploring harp ukulele and becoming more intrigued all the time. It is in a class by itself, I think. At least it is in the way I am approaching it. I really try to make it sound like the harp that it is. It’s about the same size as what I picture an ancient Greek harp to be so I feel like Pythagorus, many hundreds of years ago breaking new ground and making sounds never heard before.

Taking inspiration from John King, Asian sounds, this instrument itself, and the beyond.. I offer King’s Rain. I dedicate this to John as I thought of him continuously while writing it.

In my mind I picture a king in his chamber as it begins to rain outside. I will let your mind picture what it wants. Of course there is also a little play on words with the title.

And you know.. if there is a Heaven and there are angels playing harps.. John King is playing a harp ukulele.

Rest John, but keep playing.


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10 responses to “King’s Rain.. a Harp Ukulele tribute

  • Tim Clark

    Wonderful arrangement. Really made the uke sing. FWIW I had the feeling of floating down a lively stream listening to it with rushes and eddyies. Very pretty.

  • n8xu

    Beautiful composition beautifully played. Thanks for sharing.

  • ukulelemaker

    Sensational Tim – I am a way down the road with the concert harp ukulele and am making it with an African mahogany back and sides and cedar front to give it a warmer bottom end – my prototype has a much fatter boittom wend than the aNueNue and I want to see if this is due to bridge position. I am building 2 – one 7 string and one 8 string – again to work with aesthetics. I’ll be shooting some video of construction on Saturday so make sure you are signed yo to my facebook group – Pete Howlett Ukulele club and my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting this video of you playing on my website as we previously discussed – brilliant use of the instrument and fitting tribute to John King!

    • ilkkan

      Hi! :)I’m new to uke and have decided to learn this song. I’m swlloy but surely getting there with the chord formation. however I’m a little confused.When you mention retuning the uke do you just tune it down & play as normal? Or do I need a capo’ (I’ve heard alot about these things)? In which case am I correct in thinking you tune the ukulele down, place the capo on & play the same chord patterns just x ammount of frets down?If anybody is in the know it would be a HUGE helpthankyou 🙂 xx

  • ukulelestu

    Hi Tim, UkuleleStu here… Great job on this piece. What tuning did you end up with? And, here’s a dumb question: is there a tab available? even a four string version, I could figure out most of the harp part (I think!)
    I’m loving mine, and am learning more things about it every time I play it!

  • ukulelesecrets

    Thanks peeps!

    Pete I signed up to your FB page and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    ukulelestu, the tuning is, from the top down, C E A G, high G C E A. So the uke is reentrant. I just finished the piece and haven’t thought about tabbing it. It took me a while just to be able to play it. In the future I may tab out the fast arpeggio parts to give people more campanella runs to play with. It is quite fun. But there are other tutorials I would like to produce before I consider tabbing any harp pieces.


  • Kay

    That was a gorgeous melody! I enjoyed it a lot- post more uke harp videos!

  • pepamahina

    Truly lovely. It has an almost Japanese sounding character at times. Nicely done!

  • Kooky Ookster

    It seems like a mutually exclusive tern, but you truly are a bad-ass harp uk’ster! (That’s what I wanna be when I grow up…) Beautiful instrument with a musical genius as its’ master. Please keep publishing your work – I’m in awe!

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